Kevin Kane has over twenty-five years’ experience in Technology serving multiple industries including Healthcare, Energy, Commercial Construction, Legal, Retail, and AI/ML/AR. As a senior executive, Mr. Kane participated in seven liquidity events; four with Fortune 500 companies (IBM, HPQ, CA and TRMB) and Private Equity firms.

As Vice President and General Manager, Mr. Kane participated in moving Unify Corporation, an OTC technology company, to Nasdaq after securing a strategic partnership with Microsoft. The move to Nasdaq provided the opportunity to manage the due diligence and integration of three acquisitions in four years, enabling the ability to serve new market verticals.

As Executive Vice President for Vision Service Plan (VSP), Mr. Kane launched a Joint Venture with Modernizing Medicine which enabled more than four thousand practices the ability to migrate from a client server model to a new SaaS platform in support of the Affordable Care Act.

As an Advisor, Mr. Kane was asked by a venture fund to transition to the role of CEO for a new commercial construction management SaaS startup. Secured strategic alliances with IBM, Google and Oracle resulting in over a million dollars in free services. Secured first commercial customer, Whiting Turner, in support of a nine figure commercial construction project for Centene.

As an Advisor, Mr. Kane was asked by the board and previous CEO of Gatekeeper Innovation, a medical device company, to transition to the President & CEO in support of transitioning the company from B2C to a B2B market strategy. Mr. Kane introduced a new IoT Adherence offering leveraging Near Field Communications (NFC) and secured contracts with United Healthcare Group (UHG), Walgreens Boots Alliance, CVS Health and Johnson & Johnson.

A recognized thought leader with extensive experience in presenting at industry conferences, workshops and seminars. Mr. Kane has directed the design, development and delivery of cross-functional solutions that required the integration of Business Process Optimization, Organizational Design, Change Management, International Sales and Marketing, and Infrastructure Outsourcing initiatives.

Experienced in building and running international organizations for venture backed startups, joint venture and Fortune 500 companies. Experienced in executing six to nine figure transactions and creating Advisory Boards as well as Strategic Alliances. More than ten years’ experience providing board and project level consulting, specializing in sales development strategies, sales process refinement, web strategy and organization management design.

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